How Technical Sparring Should Be?

How Technical Sparring Should Be

Technical sparring is considered by many as the best way to improve your skill as a Muay Thai fighter. However, not all know how technical sparring should be, especially for beginners or newbies.

If you are interested to learn more what technical sparring should be like, here are a few things to take note of:

  1. There’s no power involved. If you’ve ever taken the time to watch two skilled professional fighters spar, you’d notice how their strikes have little to no power. This is because they’re practicing to learn and improve their technique, not to knock their partners out.

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Three Effective Muay Thai Techniques That You’ll Want To Learn

It is true that learning Muay Thai in Thailand is the best way to learn the art. However, while the trainers there are good and all in teaching you the correct technique, there’s just some things that they won’t be able to teach you. Not that they’re not interested, but because of the language barrier between you, a foreigner, and a local Thai, it’s hard to learn LEARN all from your trainer.

Then again, that’s the purpose of articles such as this one, written by someone who’s had first hand experience in Muay Thai and much like you, is a foreigner.

Below are three effective Muay Thai techniques that are rarely taught by Thai trainers that, according to experience, should prove very useful:

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