Guide to Muay Thai Equipment

Basic Muay Thai Gear every Beginner Should Own
As a beginner you don’t need to own all the equipment. Muay Thai is one of the very simple combat sports that requires only zero to a few items to be able to practice and train Muay Thai. Here are 4 recommended Muay Thai gear that we recommend for starting Muay Thai.

Muay Thai Gloves

High quality Muay Thai gloves (นวมมวยไทย) are recommended whether you are a beginner or professional fighters. Everyone wants to make the best purchase. We recommend the right gloves for Muay Thai that provide good support to your wrist and have thick foam padding for protecting your hands and fists. These are the real deal- genuine leather boxing gloves, perfect for training or sparring. The gloves are well-padded and provide good protection for your hands, while the leather construction ensures durability and a good grip.

Muay Thai Shorts

Muay Thai shorts (กางเกงมวยไทย) are perfect for athletes who want to perform at their best in training and competiting. Made with a comfortable and lightweight fabric, these Muay Thai shorts will help you stay cool and agile while you train. With a snug fit and a wide waistband, these shorts will stay in place while you move. Featuring Muay Thai shorts a stylish and colorful design, these shorts will help you stand out in the ring.

Muay Thai handwraps

Boxing handwraps are perfect for keeping your hands and wrists protected while you box. They’re made of durable fabric and elastic, and they fit comfortably around your hands and wrists. They’ll help keep your hands and wrists from getting injured, and they’ll also help keep your hands and wrists warm while you box.

Muay Thai Ankle Support

The Muay Thai ankle support is perfect for athletes who are looking to protect their ankles while training. The support is made with a neoprene and nylon construction that provides a snug and comfortable fit. Additionally, the support helps to stabilize the ankle and prevents unwanted movement.

Muay Thai Fightrobe

Boxing robe (เสื้อคลุมมวย) is perfect for athletes who want to stay warm before and after their matches. The robe is made of a thick, soft fabric that will keep you comfortable and feeling your best. The robe has a hood and a large front pocket, perfect for storing your belongings. The robe is also machine-washable, making it easy to care for.

How Technical Sparring Should Be?

How Technical Sparring Should Be

Technical sparring is considered by many as the best way to improve your skill as a Muay Thai fighter. However, not all know how technical sparring should be, especially for beginners or newbies.

If you are interested to learn more what technical sparring should be like, here are a few things to take note of:

  1. There’s no power involved. If you’ve ever taken the time to watch two skilled professional fighters spar, you’d notice how their strikes have little to no power. This is because they’re practicing to learn and improve their technique, not to knock their partners out.

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Top 5 Muay Thai Fighters in Thailand Today

If, just in case, you want to find out who the best fighters in Thailand currently are, here’s a list of the five top fighters below.

This list can go a long way in helping you get to know which fighters to look up online and whose fights, as well as technique, can help you improve the most.

one caucasian Muay Thai kickboxing kickboxer thai boxing man isolated on white background

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7 Sparring Tips That Will Help You Improve

If you’re into Muay Thai simply to burn calories and get a good workout, then sparring may not be all too necessary for you. If so, feel free to skip away and read something else.

If, however, you long to fight in the ring as much as you love and enjoy Muay Thai, these 7 sparring tips will go a long way in helping you improve.

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